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I have shopped at Wayne’s Furniture for years and always had a Great experience. Charlie is the greatest salesman and...
I was first introduced to Wayne’s furniture by my brother. Who only makes recommendations if he knows the company or ...
My husband and I bought our very first home a couple months back so we decided to furnish our new home. We shopped an...
We know furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. Our staff has over 150 years of home furnishing experience!
We know furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. Our staff has over 150 years of home furnishing experience!


Diving into Mattress Types and Comfort Levels: Finding Your Perfect Sleep

Choosing a mattress can feel like navigating a jungle of options. But fear not, weary sleeper! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to conquer the mattress market and find your perfect snooze.

Mattress Types:

    • Innerspring: The OG of mattresses, featuring coils for bouncy support. Great for those who like a classic feel, but can be noisy and lack pressure relief.

    • Memory Foam: Huggable and conforming, these mattresses mold to your body like a warm embrace. Ideal for pressure relief, but can trap heat and feel unsupportive for some.

    • Latex: Bouncy, supportive, and naturally cooling, latex mattresses are a win-win for those seeking eco-friendly comfort. May not be as affordable as other options.

    • Hybrid: A marriage of innerspring and foam/latex, these mattresses offer the best of both worlds. Supportive, conforming, and often cooler than memory foam, they cater to a wider range of sleepers.

Comfort Levels:

    • Extra Firm: A haven for back sleepers and those needing serious support, these mattresses offer minimal sinkage and contouring.

    • Firm: A good choice for back and stomach sleepers, these mattresses provide support with a touch of give.

    • Medium Firm: The golden child of comfort levels, these mattresses cater to most sleeping positions with a balanced blend of support and cushioning.

    • Plush: Soft and sinkable, these mattresses are a dream for side sleepers and those who crave a cozy hug.

    • Pillow Top: Taking plush to the next level, these mattresses add an extra layer of padding for ultimate softness. Be prepared to sink in deep!

Choosing Your Perfect Match:

    • Sleeping Position: Back sleepers? Opt for firm. Side sleepers? Snuggle into plush. Stomach sleepers? Find your happy medium with medium firm.

    • Body Type: Heavier individuals may need a firmer mattress for proper support.

  • Personal Preferences: Do you like a cool sleep? Opt for latex or hybrid. Crave pressure relief? Memory foam might be your friend.

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