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I have shopped at Wayne’s Furniture for years and always had a Great experience. Charlie is the greatest salesman and...
I was first introduced to Wayne’s furniture by my brother. Who only makes recommendations if he knows the company or ...
My husband and I bought our very first home a couple months back so we decided to furnish our new home. We shopped an...
We know furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. Our staff has over 150 years of home furnishing experience!
We know furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. Our staff has over 150 years of home furnishing experience!


Enrich your private sanctuary with our diverse array of bedroom sets, each reflecting distinct design philosophies to suit your interior aspirations. Classical bedroom ensembles radiate opulence through intricate details, sumptuous wood finishes, and timeless allure, ideal for those seeking a lavish and traditional setting.

Modern bedroom furnishings emphasize simplicity and functionality, showcasing clean lines, minimalist concepts, and innovative materials to craft a serene and chic atmosphere. Embrace a sense of nostalgia with mid-century modern styles, integrating organic shapes, vivid color palettes, and iconic pieces for a contemporary yet reminiscent vibe.

Yearning for rustic charm? Our farmhouse-style bedroom furniture offers warmth through distressed finishes and simple, robust designs, fostering a cozy and inviting ambiance. Embrace Scandinavian designs focusing on functionality, clean lines, and light wood tones, imparting a calm and uncluttered aesthetic to your bedroom.

Whether you're captivated by classic opulence, sleek modern aesthetics, evocative mid-century designs, the comforting appeal of farmhouse décor, or the simplicity of Scandinavian influences, our diverse bedroom furniture ensures a personalized retreat tailored to your interior preferences.

Wayne'S Fine Furniture and Bedding

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